Nature's Miracle Cat Just for Cats Litter Box Odor Destroyer 24oz

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Water, Nature's Enzymes, Methylcholoisothiazolinone, Methylisothiazolinone.



For Use on Litter Box:

Liberally spray into the litter box after cat use. Litter box does not need to be litter-free. 

For Use on Airborne Odors:

Liberally spray into the air.

For Use on Fabric Odors:

Spray lightly and evenly onto fabric surfaces until slightly damp. Not recommended for use on silks, suede, leather, or dry-clean only fabrics.

For Use on Hard Surface Odors:

Lightly spray on object until slightly damp. Wipe excess with a cloth.



Just for Cats Litter Box Odor Destroyer (24oz)
Nature's Miracle Ultimate Litter Box Odor Destroyer eliminates tough litter box odors AND airborne, fabric and hard surface odors! Nature's Miracle breakthrough formula reacts with tough embedded litter box odors destroying them on contact. Safe for use on all litter substrates and on multiple surfaces. Other pet odor eliminators simply mask the unpleasant odors from a single source, while Nature's Miracle breakthrough formula reacts with unpleasant pet odors destroying them on contact, on every surface. Spray in the litter box, in the air, or on surfaces such as litter boxes, litter box mats or anywhere your cat goes! Safe for use around pets and children when used as directed.
  • Breaks down the odor, doesn't just mask it!
  • Advanced triple-action formula eliminates airborne, fabric and hard surface odors
  • Will not clump cat litter

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