Tetra Pond Sticks 10L / 1.2kg


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What is special about Tetra Pond Sticks?
They are an ideal complete diet for all pond fish and contain all essential nutrients, fibres and minerals as well as trace elements and vitamins for all-round biologically balanced nourishment. Pond keepers can be sure that they are maintaining and improving the health and vitality of their fish. The sticks unique recipe prevent diet-related deficiencies. The sticks soften quickly for easy feeding and are highly digestible.

What is special about Tetra Pond Food?
The tetra pond food range consists of carefully selected, high-quality raw materials, which are produced in a special manufacturing process in order to retain all vital nutrients. They promote vitality, intensive colouring and the healthy growth of pond fish. In addition, they result in very little waste, thus helping to maintain excellent water quality and clarity.

Tetra Water Care App
Get expert aquarium care at your fingertips with our digital water test for smartphones. You can test your fish tank water. And set your own test history by saving all your measurement results. And it also offers retail search, tips, customer service, FAQ and newsletter.


Feeding Tips

  • Feed at least two or three times per day, as much as your fish can eat in a few minutes.
  • Always remove any uneaten food.
  • If you feed your fish regularly at the same time and place, they will become tame and quickly rise to the surface.

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Tetra Pond Sticks

The fishes and terrapin love them!

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