VitaOil Xtra Virgin Salmon Oil For Dogs 250ml

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Contains Nutritional Analysis
Extra Virgin Salmon Oil
Nutritional Analysis
Omega 3-- 20-50%, EPA-- 5-9%, DHA-- 9-11%, DPA-- 2.5-3%, Vitamin E-- 130-200mg/kg


Treat your faithful animal companion to a regular supplement of the finest grade natural xtra virgin salmon oil, it is full of goodness and has a fresh mild flavour.
VitaOil xtra virgin salmon oil is extracted from fresh atlantic salmonfrom the norweigen seas. Its complies with the specifications of the europeon directorate for the quality of medicines , european pharmacopoela.

Documented effects of xtra virgin salmon oil for cats:

  • Improves the immune system
  • Reduces skin irritation significantly
  • Acts against dandruff
  • Brings on shine to the coat and lessens shedding
  • Stimulate kidney functions
  • Strengthens nails and soften paws
  • Prevent heart disease, lower blood pressure
  • Rich in EPA and DHA that reduces inflammation and arthritis
Recommended Daily Dosage:
Under 5kg-----2.5ml
5 - 15kg ------- 5ml
15 - 30kg ----- 10ml
Above 30kg -- 15ml

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