Earn 1 Polyperk for every $1 SGD spent!

You may redeem Polyperks for discount vouchers to apply to your order before check-out :

Polyperks  Coupon


$8 OFF
900 $18 OFF
1200 $28 OFF

Other ways to earn Polyperks :
1. Sign up as a member to gain 200 Polyperks
2. Follow us on Instagram to gain 90 Polyperks
3. Like us on Facebook to gain 90 Polyperks
4. Drop us a *verified product² review to gain 60 Polyperks
*after your order is fulfilled, you may receive an email to submit a verified review for a unique product purchased.
²donation items do not qualify for verified product reviews.

Please feel free to drop us your queries at 9823-9155, or email us at support@polypet.com.sg

Note : All remaining P$ from your previous account will be converted to Polyperks at a 1:1 ratio.