Aristo-Cats Ocean Fish & Fish Ahoy 1.5kg

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ARISTO-CATS Cat Food is an optimally balanced and nutritionally complete cat food. It is developed in highest accordance to the protocols established by the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO). Even the most picky and demanding cat will be wholly satisfied. Cats will enjoy this dry mix instantly. The dry texture helps teeth and gums strong and prevent tartar build up. In small cute Bite-Size triangular shape suitable for kittens to consume. It is also reinforced with Taurine and Linoleic acid. Taurine promotes shiny eyes and Linoleic acids induce shiny beautiful hair. A high quality product that meets US scientific academy standard. Absolute balanced menu for cat's growth and health. [MADE IN USA]


Aristo-Cats Cat Food, we aim to provide premium quality food at competitive prices. We make sure to use only the highest-quality ingredients. In fact, we get a lot of them in the south where it is manufactured (which saves a lot of transportation cost).

Our meat proteins are exclusively poultry based because, well, other proteins just won't do. It combines just the right amount of grains plus fortified vitamins and minerals to create a 100% balanced meal for your cat or kitten. We love animals, and that passion drives us to provide what's best for your playful friends.
  • Taurine Added for Shiny Eyes
  • Scientific Academy Proven
  • Vitamin Enriched
  • Low Magnesium
A Complete Nutritional Meal! Your Cat Will Love!
Enriched with Vitamin A, E, B, D
With Taurine added for clear eye, added Linoleic to promote healthy skin and glossy coat.

Special Dry Texture
Keep teeth and gums clean, reduce tartar

Rich in Mineral and Calcium
For stronger bones

Rich in Fibre
For better digestion and keep cat trim and healthy

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Decide to try new brand n flavour

My foster and comm cats are tired of the current kibbles, exploring new brand n flavour

Elizabeth Maria Tay
Aristocat Ocean Fish and Fish Ahoy

First time buying it. Cats love it

Aristo-Cats Ocean Fish & Fish Ahoy 1.5kg

2nd time getting this brand and trying another flavour. The cats seem to like it enough but not overly excited. I find the smell not so "delicious" though but i m not the cat, haha!

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