Caho Canine Nucleotide 60g

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Contains Directions

Yeast Hydrolysate, S. Cerevisiae

Sprinkle over feed.

Weigh           Daily           Dosage

Below            20kg           1 sachet

Over              20kg           2 sachets

For overall results, administer continuously for 30 days.


This product is a feed supplement, not a medicine, and not for therapeutic use. Administration and dosage recommendations are only a piece of general information. Since the conditions of usage are beyond our control, the information in the packaging label is to the best of the manufacturer's knowledge true and accurate but all instructions and recommendations are made without guarantee. Use as directed, NOT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION.


CAHO Nucleotide Canine Natural Dog Supplement is a natural yeast formulation designed by veterinarians to provide your buddy with the purified sources of dietary nucleotides that support the natural cell regeneration processes involved with the body's natural immune response. Rich in multi-biotics which are the beneficial nutrients for the development and integrity of intestinal tissues which also enhances digestibility.
CAHO Nucleotide Canine Natural Dog Supplement strengthens overall immunity and resistance to infection and/or stress-related illnesses.
Benefits of yeast cell contents:
Cell contents contain a high amount of nucleotides which are released during the autolyzing process; this makes possible the replication of DNA and transcription of RNA during rapid cell division processes and regeneration. Nucleotides also provide cellular energy sources and are involved in many metabolic roles.

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Shirley Wee
Caho Canine Nucleotide 60g

Good product, sees the improvement in the digestion of my pet.

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