Cattyman Flutter Ribbon Wand Toy

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Fluttering wing movements with rustling sounds cats can’t resist!

This telescopic wand toy features iridescent wings that dazzle in the light and a bright coil tail perfect at captivating cats’ attention and stimulating their natural hunting instincts.

Wand is extendable for a variety of playing styles.

Suitable For
Cats of all sizes and breeds.

Product Size
W180 x H1750 x D25mm.

Product Material
Glass Fiber, EVA, Stainless Steel, Rubber, ABS Resin, PVC Nylon.

Customer Reviews

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Not For Not Clever Cats

I have two cats. One is a bit smarter, one is a bit, shall we say, not as smart. The not-as-smart cat was very confused by this toy, and it felt seriously like he was sitting there doubting why his humans were giving him an impromptu ribbon rhythmic gymnastics performance. But that I suppose that is not the fault of the toy. It is superbly made, with a very comfy handle and a lightness that does indeed make it great for a gymnastics performance for your not-so-smart cat. My smart cat loved it though, and would play with it for as long as her attention span allows her to.

So YMMV, depending on the IQ level of your cat.

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