Ciao Cat Grilled Tuna Dried Bonito with Seaweed Powder Flavor 15g (TSC-04)

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Contains Nutritional Analysis
Tuna (Maguro), Dried Bonito Extract, Seaweed extract powder, Vitamin E, Green tea powder
Nutritional Analysis
Protein not less than 27.5%, Fat not less than 0.8%, Crude Fiber not more than 0.1%, Mositure not more than 67%


Ciao Cat Grilled Tuna Dried Bonito with Seaweed Powder Flavor 20g
with Added Vitamin and Green Tea Extract

Japan's No.1 Best selling cat treats! Made from hand-cut and human-grade portions of responsibly harvested tuna from the Pacific Ocean and farm-raised chicken, these grain free fillets are gently blow torched packed in seafood or poultry broth. Available in 6 unique flavours, these fillets are also high in moisture, to provide more than sufficient hydration for your felines!
  • Lightly blow torched, to caramalize the fillet and bring out the natural flavours
  • Vacuum packed in savory seafood or poultry broth to keep them exceptionally tender and to ensure maximum retention of aroma & taste.
  • Available in 6 varieties
  • NO synthetic chemicals, preservatives or artificial colourings
  • All natural ingredients

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