Dr. Goat Milk Powder for Dogs & Cats 200g

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Contains Directions Nutritional Analysis

Full Cream Goat Milk, Vitamin Premix, Mineral Premix, High Calcium


Tenderly shake or mix one section powdered Goat's Milk into two pieces of warm water. A section is any estimating gadget you use: teaspoon, tablespoon or cup. Try not to utilize a blender. All creatures ought to accept their mom's milk for somewhere around 2 days, if conceivable. This colostrum milk gives additional sustenance and transitory invulnerability against certain sicknesses. Goat's Milk might be taken care of at the day by day pace of two tablespoons (30ml) of fluid per 4 ounces (115g) of bodyweight. The day by day taking care of rate ought to be partitioned into equivalent bits for each taking care of. Little or frail creatures ought to be taken care of each 3 to 4 hours. Bigger or potentially more established creatures do prosperity took care of like clockwork. Gauge them every day to guarantee sufficient taking care of and sustenance. Goat's Milk ought to be taken care of at room or internal heat level.

Nutritional Analysis

Crude Protein     (g)22 
Crude Fat     (g)10 
Energy(kcal)     387 
Carbohydrate     (g)52 
Calcium     (mg)1310 
Iron     (mg)0.54 
Vitamin A     (IU)1400 
Vitamin B2     (mg)4.1 
Vitamin C     (mg)208 


Goats Milk-Milk for Dogs and Cats With lesser Cassien content contrasted with Cow's Milk, Goat's Milk is the ideal treat as milk for your adored pet. It is simpler to process contrasted with Cow's Milk and won't cause looseness of the bowels for those lactose bigoted. Goat's Milk contains the fitting measure of carbs, protein and fats to advance the ideal wellbeing and development of your cherished pet. It likewise contains nutrients and minerals like Vitamin A, B unpredictable, C and calcium to work on your cherished pet's invulnerability, bone thickness just as skin and coat.

Key Benefits:

  • Lactose Free
  • Easily Digested and Absorbed
  • Supplemented with Prebiotics and Probiotics
  • Essential Vitamins
  • Calcium for Strong Bones
  • Lower in Cholesterol
  • Yummy, Creamy Taste

This Formula is best taken care of to:

New-conceived Animals (to help ideal development just as lift regular invulnerability)
Pregnant and Lactating Mothers (to keep up with wellbeing during and after birth)
Debilitated Animals (to support their resistance to battle against the infection and illness)
More established Animals (to help their nourishing necessities for a superior brilliant age)
Bearings for blending Milk Powder:For exceptionally youthful (under 7 days old) or seriously malnourished creatures, blend one measure milk with two proportions of warm water. For more seasoned creatures (7 to 10 days old with eyes open) blend two proportions of milk in with three proportions of warm water.Capacity:Stay away from direct daylight, kindly store at room temperature under 35. Opened powder might be refrigerated for 90 days.

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