*FROZEN* PetCubes Dog Gently Cooked Sustainable Formula 1.28kg (4 x 320g)


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Contains Nutritional Analysis

Ground Dried Black Soldier Fly Larvae, Soy Pressed Cake, Bacilli-fermented Okara, Rice Bran, Pumpkin, Kale, Lentils, Broccoli, Bananas, Shiitake Mushrooms, Duck Liver, Ground Pumpkin Seeds, Barramundi Oil, Seaweed, Yeast, Vitamin E & Vitamin D

Nutritional Analysis

Protein (Min) 13.0 %

Fat (Min) 5.4 %

Crude Fibre (Max) 6.1 %

Soluble Carbs (Max) 8.3 %

Calcium (Min) 0.80 %

Phosphorous (Max) 0.70 %

Energy (kcal/cube) 123 kcal 


Crafted with a deep commitment to sustainability, our formula is centred around two incredible ingredients: Black Soldier Fly Larvae and Okara, each bringing a plethora of benefits to your pet's health and our environment.

Black Soldier Fly Larvae
At the heart of PetCubes' Sustainable Formula is the mighty Black Soldier Fly Larvae, a protein powerhouse that packs a punch for your dog’s nutrition.

High-Quality Protein: Black Soldier Fly Larvae are a superb source of high-quality, easily digestible protein. This protein-rich ingredient contains 3x more protein than beef and 2x more iron than spinach!

Sustainability Champion: Choosing Black Soldier Fly Larvae reduces our reliance on traditional livestock farming, which often contributes to deforestation, greenhouse gas emissions, and overuse of resources.

Complete Amino Acid Profile: Our formula contains all the essential amino acids your pet needs for a balanced diet, ensuring they receive the nutrients necessary for them to thrive.

Okara is the second key component of PetCubes' Sustainable Formula, and it brings a host of advantages for your dog's well-being. Okara is normally a wasted by-product of the tofu-making process that contains mostly fibre. A brilliant local start-up was able to ferment this fibre, transforming it into a heat-stable high-quality protein with gut health-boosting probiotics! Each cube contains 4 billion live probiotics!

Plant-Powered Nutrition: Okara is derived from soybeans and serves as an excellent plant-based protein source. It provides essential nutrients without relying on animal agriculture.

Rich in Fibre: This ingredient aids in digestion and helps maintain a healthy gastrointestinal system, promoting regular bowel movements and reducing the risk of digestive issues.

Low Environmental Impact: Soy is known for its low carbon footprint compared to many animal-based protein sources. By incorporating Okara into our formula, we reduce the ecological strain on the planet.

As always, all PetCubes formulas are:

100% Human Grade
No Preservatives or fillers
No GMO-Ingredients
No Food Dyes or Palatants
Surpasses AAFCO Standards for Dogs
Complete and Balanced

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