Hey Cuzzies PlayQuilt Dreamers

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Hey Cuzzies PlayQuilt Dreamers
3-In-One [Activity Mat, Comfort Quilt, Interactive Toy]
PlayQuilt Provides activity engagement. Not only can you use it as a playmat, or stroller liner, the PlayQuilt doubles up as an activity toy to stimulate senses. Designed in Singapore, PlayQuilt's unique interactive design is built to stimulate investigation and encourage discovery for the little ones. Your baby will never grow tired of exploring this quilt! With the extra soft plush texture and vibrant colors, baby can practice his reaching and grabbing skills and tone his fine motor skills! Flip the quilt over and it immediate converts into a soft plush quilt that can double up as a stroller liner.
The PlayQuilt is also popular with pawparents who loves the interactive design. Simply hide some of Fido's favourite treats in the different compartment slots and let the quilt work its magic with Fido! Have fun together and keep Fido busy while boosting their mental and physical skills. Great as an indoor bonding activity with Fido! Surprise Pockets are designed to hide surprises!
The cute unicorn design also means that it's great as a wall decoration!
  • Versatile usage possibility
  • Great as a playmat, stroller liner or comfort object
  • Also great as an activity quilt for dogs or pet bed
  • Popular with paw parents who loves the cute, interactive design which allows Fido to relieve boredom whilst having fun!
  • Doubles up as a wall decoration for baby's nursery or add some vibrancy to your bed or sofa as a throw! -Perfect size to bring along for traveling!
  • Measurement: 60cm X 60cm
*Play under supervision is advised for pets and children.

Layered Ruffled Hide
These ruffled flaps help stimulate fido's brain work. Hide a little yummy surprise and keep them busy!
Surprise Diamond Pockets
The diamond pocket encourages usage of paws or nose to unveil the surprises underneath. Now you see it, now you don't!
Tunnel Hide
Smell it, see it and try to reach for it. The tunnel hide seems an easy task, but wait til Fido tries it! Spotting the surprise is easy, but reaching for it requires a little more effort.
Layered Heart Pockets
Endless love for surprises. Flip the hearts up and find the surprises in between flaps. Made with soft plush, the PlayQuilt is the definition of True Love --- Comfort, fun & functional.
Ruffled Purple Hide
Multiple layers of soft plush makes it easier to hide surprises. Designed for encourage engagement for pups.

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