Kong Cat Single Cat Scratcher (CS1)

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Cats have the natural tendency to scratch and without proper scratching areas, cats will use anything they can dig their claws into, usually your furniture. Kong Natural Single Cat Scratcher is environmentally friendly. These scratchers are made from renewable resources and are recyclable. The cat scratcher pads are made to be reversible to extend the life of each scratcher. Each scratcher is also refillable. Instead of throwing the scratcher box away, simply purchase a refill and reuse the cat scratcher. Foster good scratching habits in your cat with a Kong single cat scratcher.

single (5 in. wide)

Single (5 in. wide) and DoubleSingle (5 in. wide) and Double
Single (5 in. wide) and DoubleSingle (5 in. wide) and DoubleSingle (5 in. wide) and DoubleVCSingle (5 in. wide) and Double

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Sturdy scratcher

This sturdy scratcher comes in a box which is a base. So it can be used as it is, without mounting it or securing the base. My cat enjoys a good scratch with it and it doesn't deteriorate as quickly as some other brands.

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