Natural Kitty Creamy Treats Superfood Blend - Tuna, Salmon & Blueberry 4x12g

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Tuna, salmon and blueberry is made with 100% real tuna + salmon and blended with blueberries to preserve the nutritional benefits of blueberries and provide a tasty treat that has been proven favorable to cats. It is the best daily reward for your cats. You can feed your cats everyday with Natural Kitty Creamy Treats either as a reward or treat or feed it as a light meal or complementary to your cats' main meal. Blueberries contain a plant compund called anthocyanin. It is this compound that gives blueberries their natural blue color and many of the health benefits. Blueberries have been shown to protect against heart disease and cancer, help in the maintenance of bone strength and mental health.

Superfood blend
Superfoods are classified as such based on their huge health benefits; they are jam-packed with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants for cats. That is the reason why you should include them in your cat's diet

Taurine added
Taurine is a bigger deal to cats than to other varieties of mammals simply because felines are incapable of creating their own taurine through pre-existing amino acids within themselves.

FOS added
Fructooligosaccharides (FOS) contain the sugar fructose, which is preferentially used as the source of energy for the beneficial bacteria. Because fructose isn't as well-used by less beneficial bacteria, FOS compounds offer a reproductive boost to the "good" intestinal bacteria.

Customer Reviews

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Good texture, smells delicious and cat loves it.

Best treat option

Much healthier than ciao churu.


At first my cat a little bit hesistate to try it but once he smells it he just can't stop.

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