Natural Kitty Original Series Grilled Chicken Topping Cranberry 30g

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Natural Kitty Original Series - Grilled Chicken Topping Cranberry
Grilled chicken topping cranberry is sourced from 100% real chicken and grilled to enhance taste and further topped with cranberry which makes the taste favorable to pets. Grilled Chicken Topping Cranberry is well-cooked and prepared to preserve the great taste and important nutrients. It is the best daily reward for your pets. You can feed your pets everyday with Natural Kitty as a reward or treat or feed as a light meal, or as a complement to your pet's main meal complementary.

No Artificial Additives
No artificial preservatives, colours, fillers or by-products

Healthy Steaming
The best and healthy way to cook seafood to preserve its natural nutritional values

Best Grilled
A delicious and healthy way to cook chicken that can preserve its natural nutritional values

Our Promise
Natural Kitty is formulated with the best natural ingredients.
No Grain, Soy, Barley, Rice, Wheat or Corn
Natural Kitty is produced with all natural and fresh ingredients
No artificial flavours, colours or preservatives

Customer Reviews

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Healthy Single-Ingredient Treat

Some of my cats really enjoy Natural Kitty grilled chicken fillets even though the meat tends to be firmer and harder compared to similar products from other brands. Takes a while to shred the fillet -- I have to shred it because my cats don't know how to eat the whole piece as it is. The amount of cranberry topping is almost negligible, so I find that there really isn't much difference between this one and the plain version with no toppings. Will continue to restock because multiple cats love it, it's as healthy as a treat can get, and can also be used as a complementary meal.

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