Nature's Eco Cat Litter 30L

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The Nature's Eco Recycled Cat Litter is an environmentally friendly way of cycling through your cat's litter.
Extremely absorbent, the litter is eco-friendly and lightweight. Easy to change over, it contains no chemicals because it is made from 100% recycled paper.
Specifically developed to eliminate bad odours, the litter is also ideal for grounding bad smells that cat urine has the tendency to generate.
Designed for low tracking, the mix generates little dust. Your cat will notice the difference and feel more comfortable when going to do their business.
Switch to the litter that the environment and your cat will love.

Customer Reviews

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N. Chua
Awesome !

Very gpod with odour control for a paper litter. Tried a few brands this is thr best and affordable. Pls keep this brand and price always!


I changed from charcoal because one of my cat has issues due his pillow paws.
With this litter is much better now at the moment.

Nicky Wong
Nature's Eco Friendly

Less tracking, no chemicals & pee odor. Recommended recycled paper litter!

Noorlinah Mohamed
Price point sealed the deal for me

I try to buy eco-friendly litter and this one is no brainer cause the price point is idea. The cats don't mind it either.

Tim N
Does the job

Little tracking, no danger of kitties ingesting litter, easy to spot n clean. Holds up well. Less damaging to the environment (hopefully!).

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