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The PeeWee EcoGranda Cat Litter Tray is a sturdy, uncovered litter box, ideal for large cats.

This Cat Litter Tray has a simplistic and sleek design, with 3 gorgeous colour combinations to choose from.

It measures L66.5cm x W48.5cm x H28.0cm and is one of the largest cat litter trays in Singapore, thus providing space and comfort for big cats.

The EcoGranda has a double-layered tray system and it works great with PeeWee Cat Litter Pellets.
When the cat urinated onto the litter pellets in the EcoGranda litter tray, the litter pellets would absorb the urine and the compressed sawdust disintegrates.
The loose sawdust would fall though the holes of the top tray into the bottom tray, absorbing the urine and any unpleasant scent.
As a result, the remaining wood pallets in the top tray stay clean and dry. As do the cat’s paws and your home.
All you need to dispose of is the soiled sawdust in the bottom tray.
The PeeWee system (EcoGranda + Litter Pellets) makes cleaning the litter tray environmentally friendly and, more importantly, puts an end to those unpleasant, pollutant and sometimes even harmful clouds of dust.

PeeWee EcoGranda Cat Litter Tray comes in three colour combinations ― Black (black/black), Brown (brown/ivory), Grey (anthracite/grey).

Product Dimensions: L66.5cm x W48.5cm x H28cm.

Fill the upper tray with approx. 1 inch layer of cat litter.
Cat urine is absorbed by the Pee Wee pellets, and turn into sawdust. The sawdust passes through the grating into the lower tray.
Dispose of the used sawdust in the lower container when it's full (approx. twice a week) and scoop up kitty waste (daily).
Clean the bottom tray once a week.

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