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Pinnacle Pine Natural Cat Litter is made of 100% pine by products, pure and simple. No new trees are cut to make our product. No chemicals, no dyes, no dust, no mess, no tracking. We don't need to add chemical "fragrances" to try to mask the cat waste odor; pine wood naturally eliminates the smell much more effectively!
Pinnacle Pine Natural Cat Litter has more than 3 times the absorption capacity of clay, and almost 2 times the odor suppression. We don't believe anyone would continue to use any other type of litter after you try our product. In fact, once having switched to our pine wood pellet litter, we don't know of anyone who has switched back!

Customer Reviews

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N. Chua
Weird Wood Smell but Functional

When I opened the bag of pine pellets, its got weird woody smell..... but still does its job of absorbing urine smell.
Is a OK brand.

Mas Debe
All good

Everything is in good condition. Have been using this brand for quite awhile. And always ordered from Polypet.

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