Rodipet Drink Bottle with Stand M 18.5cm

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Rodipet DRiNK Bottle with Stand 18.5 cm (M)
  • stand made from birch and beech woods
  • comes with 75 ml water bottle
  • drinking water is kept clean
  • water spout at 6 cm (ca. 2.4 in) height
  • total height: 18.5 cm (ca. 7.3 in)
Water bottle for small pet rodents, with wooden stand
This sturdy hamster water bottle with wooden stand can be placed on any firm surface within your pet's cage, be it the cage floor, a higher level or the flat roof of a house. In this way you can place your pet's water supply anywhere you choose - you are not limited to the wall areas.
This stand comes with a 75 ml water bottle which fits snugly into the holder. The bottle can be removed easily for daily water changes and weekly cleaning.
Measurements and details
Total height: 18.5 cm (ca. 7.3 in)
Basic measurements: 9 x 9 cm (ca. 3.5 x 3.5 in)
Water spout height: 6 cm (ca. 2.4 cm)
Rodipet recommends this product
all small pet rodents, e. g. dwarf hamsters, Syrian hamsters, fancy mice, and many others

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