Unicharm Deo-Toilet Absorbent Pads Refill 10pcs

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Non woven polyolefin, Pulp,Polyber, Film polyolefin, Antibacterial agent, Hot melt adhesive, Microcapsule with fragrance


Introducing the No.1 Cat toiletry brand in Japan, Unicharm Pet Deo-Toilet Anti-Odor Anti-Bac Absorbent Pad absorbs liquid quickly, eliminate odor effectively and leaves your closed room smells fresh even after a week. Its white surface pad can allow you to monitor the cat health condition via urine colour.

Product Benefits
  • Made in Japan
  • Superior absorption capacity
  • Anti Odour & Bacteria elements prevent unpleasant smell
  • Monitor cat health condition easily through urine colour on sheet
  • To be used together with Unicharm Pet Deo-Toilet Cat Dual Layer Litter System
  • Change only once a week*
  • *Based on usage for cat weight 8kg & below

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Unicharm Absorbent Pads

Good and odour free. Currently using this for my older cat. Will try to transition my younger cat to the unicharm litter system soon.

Absorbent and great odour control

We transitioned to this litter-box and pee pad combination and never looked back. It's fuss-free and super convenient. Odour control is also guaranteed. Each pee pad can be used for up to 5-7 days for our 5.5kg boss-cat. We noticed that his pee tends to filter out at the top right corner. The trick is to rotate the pad 180° on the fourth day to make full use of the entire pad.

Not tried yet

Very happy that it's so much easier to haven reviews around. I have not tried it yet but logically this should be easier and fuss free. I haven used paper litter, toufu litter, pine, food fibre (this is nightmare such a mess).. either clumping not good or there is tracking or odour control is not there. I have been recommended this by nekoya the cat boarding so let's hope this makes wonder, and it's cheaper overall. Hahahaha..

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