Unicharm Double Deck Cat Litter House - Hooded

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For the interior toilet of a cat (polypropylene), the sand for indoor litter in a cat (zeolite, silica gel), the seat for indoor toilet of cat (polyolefin nonwoven fabric, cotton-like pulp, water absorbing paper, polymeric water absorbing material, polyethylene film, antibacterial agent, hot Melt adhesive, deodorant microcapsule with fragrance)


  • Japanese style elegant home style strong deodorization throughout the week
  • Amazing strong deodorizing power throughout the week, closed room has no odor
  • No need to remove cat litter after peeing, clean and clean in the day is simple
  • Just remove the cat, very easy to clean
  • Cat litter is not easy to fly, the home is no longer desertification
  • Completely absorb the urine volume for a whole week (Remarks: 1 cat (with a weight of 8 kg) can be used for a week)
  • Imported from Japan
Inside product specifications:
  • 1 litter box (about 540mm x 405mm x 430mm )
  • Deodorant antibacterial cat litter 2 liters 1 pack
  • Deodorant antibacterial cat urine pad 1pack of 4pcs (about 430mm x 290mm)
Installation method
  1. Install the cover on the litter box below.
  2. Lay a cat's pad in the drawer and push it into the innermost part of the litter box. (The cat's pad is blue with the side facing up, and it should be aligned with 4 corners.)
  3. Put a basic amount of 2l cat litter in the litter box and hang the special shovel on the top of the body.
Cat litter replacement method
  1. Please use special shovel to remove. If you are waiting for dirty sand, remove it with the front end of the shovel.
  2. If the amount of sand is reduced, please purchase the deodorant master cat litter supplement package
  3. To avoid the excretion of odor, in the case of a cat 8 kg, please replace the cat litter once a month
  4. When you do, please remove the dirty cat litter. When it is extremely dirty, please wash with water and do air dry.
Replacement method of cat urine pad
  1. After putting on a new cat pad, please do not push the drawer hard, which may cause leakage of cat pad
  2. Please do not use the method of shaking open to spread the pad. Causes the absorber to shift or scatter.
  3. In order to prevent excretion of odor and urine leakage, please replace the cat urine pad once a week when the cat is only 8kg.
  4. When replacing the cat pad, please gently grasp the 4 corners, dirty in the newspaper, etc. It is not necessary to change anything.
  5. If the cat will pee in a fixed place, you can make good use of the characteristics that can be installed before and after the drawer, complete use of the cat urine pad

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Rita Lee
Cat Litter house

Very good and convenient, save me a lot of time to manage litter box

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