VetPrime Herbal Organic Cordyceps Supplement for Dogs and Cats 60caps

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Contains Nutritional Analysis

Organic Cordyceps

Nutritional Analysis

Cordycepin > 450mg/100g
Adenosine >250mg/100g
Protein >30%


VetPrime Herbal Organic Cordyceps
100% Natural Herbal Ingredients
Certified Organic
Made and Tested in Singapore
Formulated by Veterinarians

Cordyceps is a premium, prized herb, with health functions that are well documented in the field of Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine for thousands of years.

Natural Herbal Benefits for our pets:
• Strengthens the immune system
• Tonifies and promotes kidney and lung health
• Promotes antioxidant functions and cellular health

VetPrime Herbal Organic Cordyceps are carefully selected and only high potency grades of organic Cordyceps are used for formulation and production.

Formulated by veterinarians, all VetPrime Herbal Organic Cordyceps are encapsulated and sealed under stringent quality control in Singapore.

Benefits of Cordyceps
Cordyceps is used in Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine to assist pets with respiratory issues and has shown good effects in reducing symptoms of coughing and wheezing.

Cordyceps is also a good kidney tonic. Nourishing the kidney is vital to a long and healthy life as the kidney is the source of all Jing (精, essence), Yin and Yang in the body. Jing is required for life which influences the animal's growth, development and reproduction.

Recommended Feeding Guidelines




<4kg         : 1 capsule daily

4.1-10kg  : 2 capsules daily

>10kg      : 3 capsules daily


All bodyweight


1 capsule daily

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