Vitakraft Magic Clean Cat Litter Lavender 5L

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(1) Fill litter box with Vitakraft Magic Clean Lavender for at least 3 cm in height.
(2) Remove faeces regularly.
(3) Replace the entire cluster after about 4 weeks. Dispose of used litter in the compost bin.

* Tip for conversion: If necessary, mix in the previous cat litter (lower layer) with Magic Clean (upper layer).


Vitakraft Magic Clean Lavender is a made in Germany, silicone based cat litter that will last.
The litter comprises of biodegradable mineral beads, made of quartz sand.
Super absorbent and non-clumping, this cat litter works effectively and immediately when comes into contact with moisture.
A delicate lavender scent will unfold thus absorbing and binding odours within seconds.
The anti-bacterial effect found in the blue bits of the litter inhibits bacteria growth and ensures a hygienically clean litter box.
Magic Clean Lavender is low in dust and can be suitable for allergy sufferers as well.
Magic Clean Lavender is also very economical as one package is sufficient for a cat for a month and therefore is four times more efficient than conventional clumping litter.

Product Capacity: 5 litre per pack.

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Test to see if my cats like

I use to purchase soya or snow pea for both of my cats. Bought this to try out to see if it’s easier. My 2 cats are not used to the texture. Still prefers the formal.
I think this litter can really keeps the odor away. Let’s see if they can accustom to this litter in another week or so.

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