World's Best Cat Litter Low Tracking & Dust Control Multiple Cat Unscented 8lb

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LOW TRACKING & 99.9% DUST FREE — Made with larger granules, this unscented multiple cat formula virtually eliminates dust and keeps litter in the box.

OUTSTANDING ODOR CONTROL — More cats shouldn’t mean more smells — keep your cats happy with a naturally safe litter with long-lasting odor control.

QUICK CLUMPING & EASY SCOOPING — Multiple cats can most often mean more clean up — but not with this fast-acting natural litter that requires no chiseling or scraping!

FLUSHABLE* - SEPTIC SAFE — Skip the trip to the trash with a lightweight litter that’s tested and proven flushable* and safe for septic and sewer systems!

PET, PEOPLE & PLANET FRIENDLY — A naturally safe litter made from whole-kernel corn that offers no harmful chemicals and no artificial perfumes

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Awesome, Amazing Cat Litter

Yeah I did think they were a bit braggy to put world's best cat litter...but I have to admit it really is the best. I always buy the big bag but had to resort to this smaller version when they ran out of stock. Works just like the big bag...keeps the litter odours away, relatively easy to sweep/vacuum up so very pleased with this. The small bag is relatively easier to top up your cat's litter's not as heavy of course, but the big bag probably offers more value.

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